You Can Really Do Hard Things...


I love a good hike but y'all, I WASN'T READY 😂! Last week I got to embark on 4 hrs of the best, most challenging, and sometimes scariest hike ever! Here were my takeaways...

✅ #1 You can really do hard things: That Giant Staircase was not a staircase. It was a bunch of huge boulders, on an incline, next to a large body of water. If you know me (I'm afraid of heights and have a fear of drowning), you can applaud now lol. There were moments of fear but I pushed through while scared. And let me tell you, afterwards I felt like the greatest "rock" star ever (pun intended 😜)!

✅ Be open to receiving help: There was a point where anxiety set in. Fear paralyzed me...I mentally couldn't find my next step. A man behind me offered to manuever his way in front of me and extended his hand to assist. His help didn't diminish my strength, it actually motivated me.

✅ Even in those moments when you feel you're lost just look around, you're closer than you think: Yeah we thought we had gotten lost. Called the police and everything 🤦🏾‍♀️. Long story short, we were right where we needed to be.


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